Get your wiggles out!

Welcome to KidCo. Children’s Museum a place to play, imagine, learn, and GET YOUR WIGGLES OUT!

Why Choose KidCo.?


We Mean Clean

Cleanliness is of extreme importance to us. Spaces are sanitized often and after use.

Learning Through Play

KidCo. is a screen-free zone where kids learn through interaction and imagination!

Adults Not Forgotten

KidCo. provides a comfortable space for adults to relax, charge their devices, and enjoy a beverage while keeping an eye on your little one(s)!

Crazy but Not Chaotic

At KidCo. we limit attendance for each play session to encourage a better play experience for both kids and adults.

New to KidCo.?

Not a Newbie?

KidCo. Children’s Museum was founded by parents from the FM area who saw a need in the community for educational entertainment. Because of the limited number of options for families, many venues here are very over ran and often understaffed. This can lead to a chaotic afternoon that isn’t fun for anyone, adult or child.  KidCo. uses its very own scheduling app to make wiggle removal as easy as the push of a button. All play sessions have limited capacities, are 90 minutes long and can be booked days, weeks, or even months in advance. This guarantees that when you arrive at KidCo. we have space for you and your littles to GET YOUR WIGGLES OUT!


Taking Play to the Next Level

Wiggles removed 88%
Amount of fun had 100%

Our Team

The Curator Crew


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