You Have Questions? We Have Answers:

Every reservation is allowed (2) guardians. Additional family members or adult friends are $4/each. 

Ages 1-8 are allowed to play. 0-12 months are welcome and free with a sibling. 

Visit the store on our website or app. 

You can schedule a play date via the website or app!

No. You are welcome to walk in to a play session but each session’s attendance is limited so availability is not guaranteed.

Each session is 90 minutes long with a 15 minute check in period prior to the session.

Yes. There is a “half session” option should you arrive to play less than 45 minutes.

Yes. All military parents are free. Always.

We allow up to 25 kiddos and their guardians to play each session. Capacity during our Sensory Sensitive Session Play is reduced to 15 kiddos.

You can book play sessions 10–5pm weekdays and 9–2pm Saturdays and Sundays.

They are welcome to come explore with their adult. Children 1 and under are $7 for a single session or free with a sibling whose playing.